We are official retailers of respective brands posted in the website sold by Bermor Techzone Official Store. And warranty terms and conditions by the brand can be carried by the products you purchased from our store.

Most of the products are covered by 6 months up to 1 year or more service center warranty and 7 days standard outright replacement or service store warranty after order received. Replacement, service or support depends on the brand warranty service terms and conditions.  Extended warranties beyond 1 year may be offered by certain manufacturers service centers.

A warranty sticker with the date the item and system unit was sold (month, day, and year) or a unique serial number and a warranty receipt detailing the product’s warranty start and end dates are attached to each item sold by Bermor Techzone.

Outright Store Warranty Replacement

Outright replacement apply within 7 days after order received, if item is defective out of the box and if item does not match in color, model and specifications.

For defective units, a technical inspection will be processed up to 7-14 days and an inconvenience fee or cashback is given.

For wrong items, replacement will be upon the return of unit is received with inconvenience fee or cashback. Always return wrong items in its complete box/packaging and accessories with Warranty Slip Card and SI Receipt.
Outright replacement warranty coverage will be adjusted after last replacement is received by end user. Item must be on its original packaging (No Packaging; No Return) and Proof of Purchase.

This outright warranty doesn’t limit our warranty and we will still support the warranty beyond 7 days base on standard operating procedure timeframe of respective brands. 

Extended Service Center Support Warranty

For brand warranty, kindly register the item to the brand itself for extended warranty. Item that are no longer covered with standard warranty, but still can be sent in for warranty claims to manufacturers as long as the regular Warranty Period is still in effect. We offer One year online support or assistance to claim warranty from the manufacturer. Our service center assists as gateway to manufacturer. Please coordinate directly to the manufacturer support website for faster timeframe. Always return defective items in its complete box/packaging and accessories.

Digital Product Store Warranty

Immediate replacement of digital items within 3 to 48hrs investigation.

Warranty Does NOT Cover the Following:

1. All Physical Damage caused by abuse, misuse i.e. damage or loss of functionality due to product incompatibility, neglect including accumulated dirt/moisture or insect/rodent urine, accident i.e. water damage, improper installation, storage or handling including damages during transport, overloading or use (electrical overstress (EOS) or “over-clocking”) contrary to manufacturer instructions is not covered by warranty.
2. Any modifications or tampering. (altered serial numbers and warranty stickers)
3. LCD monitors with less than 5 dead pixels (bright/dark) are not eligible for warranty claims. (Customer can request a video or photo of the monitor before shipped out)
4. Expired warranty item.
5. No Official Receipt and Warranty Slip.
6. NO VIDEO RECORDING DURING UNBOXING UPON RECEIVE FROM COURIER MAY VOID WARRANTY CLAIM. Must show on the video sealed before unboxing specially for orders with chassis and monitor or fragile components.

Refund Policy 

  1. Standard Refund processing of 7-14 banking days for initiated cancellation of order from customer without further concerns.
  2. Immediate Refund processing within 24-48hrs apply only upon customer requests after transaction was compromised, failed delivery, customer personal reasons like unwanted hospitalization and other cases that is subject for further investigation. 
  3. Compensation Refund Cashback applies on orders with compromised delivery timeframe, shipping and product concerns.  

Other Warranty Coverage and How to Claim

Contact us thru [email protected] for more details and to claim warranty support please provide the following details – Name/Item/Date of Arrival or Purchase Order. Thank you