How to Buy

  1. Browse and search for items to buy – stocks status now updated realtime. [More products will be added and updated for both overseas and locally available until October 10, 2021]
  2. Check Cart and proceed to CHECK OUT
  3. Enter account information for registration and shipping details. You may login or register via social media accounts like Google or Facebook for faster account creation.
  4. Monitor your My Account Dashboard for order status. We highly encourage you to visit dashboard within 1hr to 3hrs and beyond after check out to be sure order is confirmed specially for overseas orders.
    Orders are subject to confirmation after check out realtime or up to 3 hrs to make sure transaction status will be accurate onwards or to update customer as soon possible for possible out of stock.

Enjoy shopping at Bermor Techzone. We are committed to serve and meet demands for a better electronic shopping experience. Thank you

CREDIT CARD PAYMENT GATEWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION [via Paymongo, Paymaya, Gcash and Paypal] Estimated time of Completion 10.20.2021

Payment Method Tips: 
Security is our priority – for online payment and faster bank transfer, use Instapay or Pesonet gateways via mobile banking applications. Our redirect payment gateways are still under construction to ensure client security.  

If no mobile bank account, we may use Gcash third party mobile application for Gcash to Bank transfer. 
For traditional method we may visit nearest bank to fill up a deposit payment form. 


Is the website updated?

Yes updated pricing and availability. Orders are subject for 30 minutes to 1 hr confirmation or clearance after checkout if in case there is a website bug for the availability.

What is Overseas Stocks?

Stocks from outside the country. Local brand warranty thru our fulfillment may still apply. If stock is available local warehouse we switch the availability status to domestic.

What is Domestic Stocks?

Stocks currently available within local showroom, warehouse and distributors. If sold out local we switch availability to overseas or out of stock.

What is Critical Stocks?

Stocks sold out or below 1-2 items available. We allocate this for buffer stocks [we use this stocks for warranty replacement] or the stock is not yet available for shipping due to courier availability ie Tubes beyond 1 meter is not available to ship via courier available and Furnitures can be shipped via trucking only.

What is Economy Delivery?

We ship order base on the cheapest reliable option to your area.

No Shipping Cost at Checkout?

Please add your details or register before shipping calculation pop up.