Akko was founded in Shenzhen, China in 2016 with the concept of “lifestyle gaming peripherals”, emphasizing design and building an innovative peripheral brand. “Diversifying the industry” is what motivates Akko founders, who have engaged in the computer peripheral equipment industry and the gaming industry for years with new ideas to “make peripheral more than just a tool” by embodying pop-cultural imagery, color trends, interests, attitudes and cultural elements.

We offer a wide range of custom mechanical keyboards and parts. Akko is backed up by its robust and integrated supply chain, and is one of the brands with the most diverse selections of mechanical keyboard layouts in the world. It is dedicated to offering comprehensive keyboard size options to users including 108-Key (Full Size), 98-Key, 100-Key (96%), 87-Key (TKL), 84-Key (75%), 68-Key (65%), Alice, 61-Key (60%) arrangements. Our customer-centric mission is that every user is able to find their desired colors, layouts and switches with accessible choice.

Akko is also the world’s leading keycaps manufacturer with years of experiences in producing PBT Dye-Sublimation and Double-Shot keycaps, which forms a solid base for our keyboard design. Akko offers keycaps with a variety of profiles such as OEM, Cherry, OSA, ASA and ASA-Low, which has brought unique typing experiences for different users and ensure everyone finds comfortable keycaps that fit.

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